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The internet has made is really easy to share free prank phone call voices, and even voices of celebrities!

This is done with soundboards. These are usually Adobe Flash software programs where each button plays an audio clip.

The person making the soundboard programs it with sound bytes from a celebrity, media sensation, or all around nutty individual.

A popular custom is to use these soundboards to prank phone call people, with a celebrity voice such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sometimes people record the conversations they have while pranking others. If the pranked individual was interesting enough, a soundboard may be created using their voice.

People have been pranked by their own voices, and most of the time they don't even know it!

All you need to prank someone is your computer, a set of decent speakers, your phone of course...
Prank Phone Call Voices

...and a good prank phone call voices soundboard!

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